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Woman Chatting With Mom Suddenly Realizes Someone Else Is At The Table

Marley has been a kitten since her family adopted her from a local animal shelter. She’s never hidden like other cats – she’d rather be in your face where she can get all the attention.
“Before coming into our lives, Marley was a therapy cat who would visit elderly homes,” Marley’s family member Bonnie Quast told The Dodo. “Marley is a very laid-back cat and very affectionate. Her favorite thing to do is sit on our laps [lick] Our faces and our drools. You will never leave this cat dry. “

cat and dog sitting on mother's lap
Bonnie Quast

Quast recently chatted with her mom, Debra Reid, at the kitchen table. After a while, Quest suddenly realized that Marley was with them too – but she hadn’t noticed her at all until then.
Marley has been sitting on her mom’s lap, her favorite spot, but Quast doesn’t notice her because she blends in with Reid’s shirt. Her eyes even line up perfectly with the pattern on the collar. Obviously, Marley is a good hider after all.

cat hiding
Bonnie Quast

“I didn’t know Marley was there until she moved, and she was well-disguised,” Kwast said. “So I decided to take a photo.”
Quast thought the whole thing was funny and wanted to share this funny moment with the rest of the world. She posted the photo online, and it turned out that no one else was able to spot Marley right away.

cute cat
Bonnie Quast

Marley didn’t even try to hide or create a funny moment. As usual, she just curled up in the lap of the one she loved. No one in her family sees her as a hidden person, but apparently, she has a gift for it. who knows?

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