‘Baby Werewolf’ Kitten Changes Color In Front Of Rescuer’s Eyes

Fievel was only 2 days old when Emilie Rackovan first met him. The kitten, the size of a mouse, clung to her palm.

Fievel was born wearing a fever jacket due to the stress of his mother’s pregnancy, silver, scruffy, and to Rackovan he looked like a “little werewolf”.

Premature kitten sleeping on woman's hand

Fievel is the only surviving one of his siblings because his mother, a feral cat, was born prematurely and didn’t care for her kittens. Rackovan knew it would be an uphill battle to make Silver Baby a healthy cat, but she could tell he was a fighter.

“In general, kittens that are born prematurely often don’t make it because the odds are against them,” Rackovan told The Dodo. “He really is a miracle.”

kitten looks like a werewolf

Fievel was too young to drink from the bottle during his first week with his adoptive mother. Rackovan hand-feeds him every hour of the day. Fortunately, she didn’t have to take on his full care for long.

“I was fostering a mom and baby about Fievel’s age in a different shelter and asked if I could try to introduce Fievel to them,” Rackovan said. “I put Fievel and Persephone (mom) with the kids and she accepted him right away.”

Now a member of the feline family, Fievel looks at ease and quickly begins to grow and change.

Favill’s fever coat began to grow, revealing the kitten’s true colors. Rackovan thought he would be a grey and white kitten, but when Fievel was about a month old, he underwent a surprising transformation.

“I noticed that the white tips on his fur started appearing at about three weeks, but that’s a relatively typical fever coat,” Lacowan said. “About four weeks, the roots on his back started to turn dark grey and his legs turned jet black. I’m still not sure if he’ll turn dark grey or black.”

kitten changing color

“He continued to get darker and darker,” she added. “I had absolutely no idea he would wear a tuxedo. All my foster friends were equally shocked, none of us had ever seen a kitten coat like him!”


Not only has Fievel changed in appearance, but the once timid orphan is also now a confident kitten.

“Fievel is the dumbest kitty ever!” Lacovan said. “He did ‘scary cat’ and he hunched over and jumped at you. He liked to think he was scary so I played with it!”

Fievel gets along well with all of Rackovan’s other foster animals and pets but has a special bond with the people he meets.

“He gurgles when he sees you, and cries when he can’t find me,” Lacovan said. “When I called, ‘Fievel!’ He sprinted, trying to get caught.”

Once Fievel is neutered, he will be adopted into his forever home, where he will continue to surprise and delight any family lucky enough to have him.

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