The dog relaxes in a float while its man is canoeing

People who love dogs and keep them as pets want to give them the best life possible. They want to give their dogs all the comforts of life and spend a lot of time with them. Dogs also accompany their humans on vacation and watching videos showing dogs relaxing and enjoying life is delightful. Like this video posted on Instagram, it shows a Labrador sitting on a float while its human is paddling a canoe. The video of this dog might surprise you because it looks so cute.

The video was posted 7 days ago on the Instagram account honeypiethedog. So far, the video has garnered over 6,000 views. The video shows a man standing on a canoe while rowing with a paddle. He tied a float to the canoe. On the float, his dog, wearing a life jacket, lies and relaxes. It looks like this dog is living his best life.

“It’s incredible, a dream come true,” commented one Instagram user. “YOU ARE THE BEST PARENTS!!!” wrote another. A third posted, “This is all awesome.” Another commented: “It makes me so happy.”

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