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A Playful “Good Girl” Parrot Turned Out to Be a Boy

Parrots are one of the most playful pets a person could have and are great companions. Intelligent and fun, what more can you ask for? Parrots get more fascinating when they start to learn more words. Moreover, when you speak to them, it’s as if you are in a conversation — they can quickly understand humans. The talking birds are wonderful housemates, and Morgan has two of them.


Morgan is a bird parent to two bright parrots named Stella and Jeff. Both are equally intelligent and cherished by Morgan. Although the names suggest that the pair are love birds, Stella is actually a male parrot. The yellow ringneck parakeet was rescued by Morgan in 2015 from a bird breeder. Stella and his winged friends were all kept in a fish aquarium — leaving the birds in a disturbing situation. Fortunately, it was shut down and prohibited from selling birds.

After months of living together, Morgan was unaware of Stella’s true gender — the “good girl” is apparently a “good boy.”

“When I got Stella, I had no idea if he was male or female, and I liked the name, Stella. And I thought it was really pretty.” Morgan shared. “Male ringnecks don’t get the ring that’s around his neck until they’re a year or two old. So, I named him Stella, and then he got a ring,” she continued.

Since then, people have been telling Morgan to change the yellow parakeet’s name, but she thinks it’s unnecessary, as Stella responds to it. The relationship between the two led Stella to advocate for rescuing parrots. Stella lives with Morgan and roams freely around the house. Morgan enjoys living with Jeff and Stella — the intelligent birds make her smile and laugh from their hilarious antics. Even her fiancée, Tyler, loves the two birds; according to Morgan, Stella loves Tyler more than her. It’s always a fun day at Morgan’s home, especially when Stella and Jeff learn new things.


Thankfully, Stella overcame his trauma because Morgan shared that the parrot was afraid of human interaction. It even took a year for Stella to allow Morgan to touch him. Stella’s behavior was understandable as he was a victim of neglect from where he came from. The playful yellow parakeet is now very chatty and naughty — he is living his best life with great bird parents and a sibling. The parrot duo is even internet famous, primarily on TikTok. Who wouldn’t love good content from Jeff and Stella?

Get to know them by watching the video below. You can also follow the incredible parrot duo on their Instagram and TikTok accounts.


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