Dog Is Completely Shocked When He Feels Baby Kick In Mom's Belly For The First Time

Dog Is Completely Shocked When He Feels Baby Kick In Mom’s Belly For The First Time

Goose rescued after being found tied to a pole is now grateful to have the best family in the whole world. He is very protective of his family and always wants to make sure they are safe – especially after he realizes his mom is pregnant.

“Since I got pregnant, he’s become a little more attached to me,” Goose’s mom, Meghan, said in a TikTok video. “He kept lying next to me, on my stomach [and] Poke my stomach with his nose. “

Gus knew what was going on in his mom’s belly, but she wasn’t sure he knew exactly what was going on—until he felt it.

One day, a few weeks before his due date, Gus was resting his head on his mother’s belly when suddenly, for the first time, he felt his little sister kick her. The look on Gus’ face when he realizes what’s going on says it all. Shock, confusion, love, joy – all the parenthood/fraternity feelings hung over Goose, and his reaction was definitely one of the sweetest things ever.

Until, that is, a few weeks later he finally met his little sister Ivy.

Goose and his dog sister, Luna, are thrilled to finally welcome little Ivy home and meet the little human who has lived in his mother’s womb for so long. Their parents know the two of them will make the best siblings ever and can’t wait to see their love for Ivy unfold and grow in the years to come.

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