Never knew love special needs dog slow dances with mom everyday

Beanie has never loved her like Julie Elrod. The timid rescue dog didn’t know there was a loving touch until Elrod brought her home.

Now, the two share a special bond through dance.

Senior dog celebrates birthday.
Julie Elrod

“Since we adopted Beanie from Rescue Dog Rock in 2018, I’ve danced with her every day,” Beanie’s mom Elrod told The Dodo. “As she is blind and deaf, I communicate with her by touch.”
Dancing together strengthens their unique bond — especially since Beanie doesn’t always like to be touched.

“When we tried to touch her [before], she’ll want to leave us and be alone,” Elrod said. “Now, every day, I do ‘slow dance therapy’ and get her close and rocking back and forth. Although she can’t hear, I will sing to her too. ”
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Woman kisses white dog on the beach.
Julie Elrod

After years of dancing together, Doudou is now looking forward to going around the living room with her favorite people. So is Elrod.

“She totally trusts me now, and when we slow dance, she totally relaxes and blends into my body,” Elrod said. “I don’t care what dates I have or who I should meet, I make time every day to slow dance with my best friend and soulmate.”
You can watch Beanie and Elrod dance here:
Before Elrod, Beanie’s journey wasn’t easy. Through Elrod’s patience and persistence, Beanie has come a long way.

“She doesn’t know how to give love or receive love, and she’s obviously not interested in learning about love at all,” Elrod said. “She doesn’t know anything about the burglary. She doesn’t like to eat, so, for now, we’re hand-feeding her.”

Woman dances with senior dog.
Julie Elrod

The puppy has been with Elrod for four years now and doesn’t wag his tail or kiss.

“She showed me that she loves me in a different way,” Elrod said. “And she’s in my arms almost 24 hours a day. She goes wherever I go.”

Beanie finally found a happy ending, but it was Elrod who said Beanie had changed she Life.

Woman hugs senior dog.
Julie Elrod

“I wouldn’t trade being Beanie’s mom for anything,” Elrod said. “I love her so unconditionally and infinitely. Beanie is my soulmate dog and I thank God for every second I have with her. I can’t get enough time with her.”

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