Gorilla Triumphantly Uplifts Her Newborn As A Showboating To Visitors

The Calgary Zoo witnessed this amazing moment when a female gorilla introduced her young child to visitors. The gorilla is seen in the video above, cuddling her newborn and kissing its forehead before picking it up and lifting it into the air.

“Oh my goodness!” someone can be heard saying in the video. “Did she just give it a kiss?” Says another woman to the gorillas: “Thank you for showing us!”. The original post’s comments were filled with people calling for the animals to be freed, while other people argued against it.

Although captivity is permissible under certain conditions (such as preserving endangered species), we don’t believe that wild animals should be kept in captivity. It is an especially happy moment for the world to see the birth of a Western Lowland Gorilla in this video. This critically endangered species is a critically endangered species, so the birth of the gorilla is especially valuable.

The Calgary Zoo is home to six adult Western Lowland Gorillas, and with the birth of this baby, we are one step closer to rescuing the gorillas.

According to Calgary Zoo, the wild gorilla population has decreased by 80% during the past 30 years. This is a result of habitat destruction and poaching, primarily due to the highly sought-after mineral coltan, which is required for the manufacture of cell phones.

The fact that these creatures are held in zoos mesmerized the audience while also making them sad. Animals should be left in the wild, according to a user. Another person retorted that zoos are safer places for wild animals.

If they were wild animals, poachers would hurt them. Zoos are dedicated to study and conservation and have breeding programs. Animals like California condors, Red wolves, oryx, Hellbenders, and Okapi would become extinct without zoos.

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