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Electro-Charged Pup Is Precisely The Superhero The World Needs

Bad guys beware – there’s a furry new superhero in town.

Her name is Catarina, but you can call her Electro-Pup.

Looking at her it might not look like it, but she has electricity in her claws.

Like many superheroes, Katarina came from humble beginnings. She was rescued as an orphan by her owner Rosario when she was only a few days old. Although they’ve been together for eight years now, Rosario has only recently met her adorable pet’s super-powered alter ego.

In fact, she was there to witness Katarina’s transformation.

“She started rubbing her body on the couch,” Rosario told The Dodo. “She was full of static electricity. I was amazed. I couldn’t help laughing.”

This is the moment in the video:

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Little Katarina’s hair stood on end after summoning the awesome electricity.

“I’ve never seen her like this,” Rosario said.

As a superhero, Katarina (or the Electric Puppy) doesn’t actually possess any supernatural abilities. But nonetheless, she possesses a superpower – the ability to brighten people’s day, just by being an energetic self.

And, in some ways, that’s what the world needs most.

“She’ll be happy to know she makes people smile,” Rosario said. “I think she’ll feel very loved.”


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