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New York Dog Walker Takes Adorable Group Photos Of His Clients Every Day

If you’re a dog-lover looking for an adorable new Instagram account to fawn over, @saratogadogwalkers is the greatest one we’ve seen in quite some time.

Since 2011, an upstate New York man by the name of Tim Pink has been taking frequent photos of his furry charges – and not only are they incredibly cute, but we have so many questions!


For example, how on Earth does he get all those dogs to sit still and look at the camera?!

If you think treats are enough to motivate this many dogs, remember how much work it takes to get just one food-motivated dog to both stays still AND look in the right place.

Clearly, Pink is some sort of dog whisperer.


The big, panting pack can be a little different each day (and number well over 20 at times!).

We’re simply marveling at Pink’s (and his assistants’) ability to keep them all orderly and well-behaved as they do their walks about town in Saratoga Springs and the surrounding areas, such as Ballston Spa.

It’s no surprise that the packs of sweet pups are well-known throughout the area.

Their walkers often frequent local landmarks as well as different residential neighborhoods, so spotting them is pretty special for people who live in town.

In fact, according to the local paper The Daily Gazette, people will come out of their homes and even get out of their cars just to snap photos, especially of the class photo-style doggie lineups that seem so impossible to execute with such perfection.

By the looks of it, their humans are great at finding new and exciting routes each day in order to keep things interesting.

Green spaces are a particular favorite and a great way to get some fresh air free from the exhaust and hustle and bustle of downtown streets.

Every now and then, one of their Instagram photos also gives us a glimpse of one of the two magical human beings that help make all of this happen.

It appears Mr. Pink knows how to fit right in with the pack.

But this isn’t just some sort of instant magic, and Pink doesn’t simply add new dogs to the pack and expect it to work.

Before a pup can join, Pink spends time getting to know each canine and their level of obedience training as well as their unique temperaments. The relationship-building process takes time and new dogs are introduced slowly if he’s confident a new member is a match.

He told The Daily Gazette he knows each dog’s name, and he and his assistants will often call them out during walks just to give them some encouraging words.

“When called, each dog looks right up at him, no matter what is going on around the pack, including when someone else is walking their dog or when there’s traffic,” according to the paper.

Pink’s friendly discipline means that it’s rare for the dogs to get rowdy or distracted.

Of course, people are primarily in love with dog photos, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that each day they are captioned with a new positive message.

It’s the feel-good account you need in your life right now, for sure!


Pink’s services are also the reason some town residents can still have a dog.

Saratoga Springs resident Rose Zacek enlisted Pink’s services after he saw him training a potential new member of the pack in the park one day. The dog behaved far better for him than it did for its owner and she was impressed.

The elderly dog-owner has always had a canine companion and hates the thought of giving up her 6-year-old black lab Lexi even though she doesn’t have the energy to give him the activity he needs. She hired Pink to make sure he gets a good, tiring walk each day.

“Tim is the reason I didn’t have to get rid of my dog,” Zacek told The Daily Gazette. “I’m going to hold onto Lexi as long as I can.”

Sometimes we don’t appreciate that dog walkers and other petcare workers play this kind of role in people’s lives.


As for Pink, he offers walks as well as boarding for those who go out of town (and it sounds like there are some training skills programmed into the service as well).

It’s a passion project for him, and one that he excels at.

We’re sure that’s why pups and people alike are always happy to see him.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @saratogadogwalkers.

And be sure to scroll down above to see some footage of the masterful control these walkers have over their good boys and girls.

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