Dog Who ‘Died’ Runs Into Mom’s Arms When She Sees Her At Shelter

Last week, when Maile Trist checked her email, she opened a message she thought was a hoax. Her beloved dog, a senior Chihuahua named Jazzy, was admitted to the Cowley County Humane Society after being found hanging out in a nearby quarry.

The email didn’t make sense to Trist because Jazzy passed away two years ago.


When Triste first met Jazzy at the Humane Society of San Diego four years ago, she ignored the “No Pets” sign on the cage. Somehow she knew they would be connected.

“I met my beautiful girl and I put my hand in the cage and she automatically came up to me, wagged her tail and put her head in my hand,” Triest told Dodo. “I started crying because I found my dog!”


Two years later, Triest moved from California to Kansas. Moving and a new full-time job overwhelmed her, and she felt like she didn’t have enough time for Jazzy. So she hired a friendly dog ​​couple to watch her puppy until she settled down.

However, when Triest tried to reconnect with the couple, they ignored her calls and deleted their social media accounts. She couldn’t find them anywhere. Then, six months later, Triste’s fiancé managed to find them and asked Jazzy to come back.


“The lady told him she died three months ago,” Triest said. “About a year and a half later, lots and lots of grief. I feel bad to hand her over to them because I thought I wasn’t there for her last moments.”

Trist thought she would never see her beloved dog again, but luckily, Jazzy had a microchip. When she got the news that Jazzy had been found, she gave up everything to be with her dog again.

Chihuahua running around near the quarry
Facebook/Cowley County Humane Society

“I automatically came home from getting off work, got in the car, and walked towards her,” Triest said. “I was crying and crying, it was almost a three-hour drive. I couldn’t believe she was alive, I don’t know how she got so far, but at that moment, I didn’t care.”

Drizzt arrived at the shelter and watched as Jessie came towards her again, tears streaming down her face.

Jazzy recognized her mom right away, and her little tail started to wag uncontrollably.

“She kind of wanted to smell around, but she came right back to me and gave me more kisses,” Triest said, “and she wouldn’t leave my lap for the whole car ride home. or arm.”

Woman reunited with dog she thinks died two years ago

Now that Jazzy is home, the puppy will never let mom out of her sight again.

“She’s been so, so happy ever since, she won’t leave me or let me go anywhere without her,” Triest said. “I feel the same way!”

What happened to the older dog remains a mystery, but it is important that she is safe and ready to spend her golden years in the company of her loving family.

“She’s a little paler than the last time I saw her and her hips are a little sore, but she’s still the old lady she used to be and I’m glad she left with the love of the past two years,” Triest said.

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